Product usage


Will Vojal products stain my skin?

No, they won’t.  Our skincare ingredients are rich in color. Color in the plant world signifies antioxidants.  If any tint of color remains on your skin after applying a Vojal product, those antioxidants will soon be absorbed and utilized by your skin, as well as broken down by your microbiome. However, our products can stain linens, so if that happens, you might be applying too much product right before bedtime.

Why are Vojal products yellow, orange, and colorful?

The vibrant colors come from the plant pigments, which are antioxidants. We use colorful plants and oils such as  lingonberries, seabuckthorn oil and roseship oil. Our final formulas often appear yellow and orange due to these plant combinations. Instead of questioning why our products are colorful, it’s worth asking other plant-based lines why their products are white or clear and how that is possible.

Will applying oil on my skin cause breakouts?

No, it won’t. In fact, maintaining a healthy lipid layer is crucial for preventing breakouts. A healthy lipid layer is anti-inflammatory, balances the microbiome, and protects the skin from environmental stressors. Removing this layer with foaming cleansers and isolated acids can lead to skin distress, inflammation, and an imbalanced microbiome.


Are reactions common with Vojal products?

No, reactions are rare. If you do experience a reaction, please contact us immediately, and we will help you. We can help determine the cause of the reaction and suggest ways to prevent it in the future or recommend the appropriate whole plant product for you.

Are Vojal products suitable for men, teens, and all skin types and colors?

Yes, they are. Our products are designed to improve the health of everyone’s skin. Marketing can complicate things, but plants support the skin regardless of age, gender, or skin color.We have developed product lines specifically for men, all skin types, and aging skin. We have considered the needs of different skin types and selected the right plant oils and wild herbs to make choosing the right product easier for you.