About Us

The Vojal Journey- Beneath the Lapland sky 


The picturesque landscapes and unspoiled nature of Lapland have always been a wellspring of inspiration for us at VOJAL - Beauty of Lapland.

The VOJAL story began when nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland, there lived a couple deeply connected to the wild herbs and beauty of their homeland. Noora and Jarkko, soulmates in love and guardians of nature, shared a vision to encapsulate the essence of Lapland's natural abundance in every bottle of their skincare creations. Their journey began with a deep reverence for the purity of Lapland's terrain.

Noora, with her visionary spirit, and Jarkko, with his profound respect for nature, embarked on a quest to harness the healing power of Lapland's wild herbs. With hearts intertwined and hands united, they set out to create something truly extraordinary. They understood the significance of sourcing in skincare formulations. They knew that the journey from seed to bottle was paramount. They ventured into the Lapland wilderness, forging partnerships with local farmers who shared their commitment to regenerative and organic practices. Together, they cultivated close relationships with the land.

As the seasons changed and the herbs flourished under the midnight sun, the fruits of their labor arrived at their apothecary-lab in raw form. Noora's keen senses were put to the test as she assessed each ingredient for purity and potency. With skill and intuition, she could decipher the essence of each plant with just one whiff. With unwavering commitment to quality, Noora and Jarkko handcrafted each product with love and intention. From house-made infusions to hand-filled bottles, every step of the process was infused with the spirit of Lapland. Each product was a testament to their love for nature and their dedication to preserving its brilliance. From seed to bottle, Noora and Jarkko's journey was a love story—a celebration of the beauty and intelligence of nature. Their commitment to slow-farmed beauty and mindful sourcing was evident in every drop of their skincare creations. They understood that what happens from seed to bottle cannot be summarized in words—it's a labor of love, a testament to their deep connection to the land and each other.